Can Defibrillators be used with Pacemakers?

Yes! Defibrillators can and should be used on a non-breathing, unresponsive person with a Defibrillator in an emergency.


If a person with a pacemaker or an ICD is not breathing and unresponsive, it’s probable that their device is malfunctioning or is not able to send a large enough shock to restore normal heart function. If their device does restore a normal heart rhythm, the Defibrillator will not shock them and interfere with their implanted devices.

Tips for performing first aid on patients with an ICD or Pacemaker

When applying Defibrillator pads, place them at least 3cm away from the ICD or Pacemaker. Generally, you will see a scar and a lump where the pacemaker is implanted.

When performing CPR, make sure to place your hands in the appropriate location. Try not to put direct pressure on the pacemaker.

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