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a scientist holds up a defibrillator
a chart that shows how many lives could be save if everyone had access to a defibrillator within 3 minutes

Does it matter what Defibrillator I get?

It does. While all AED’s have the same basic function, there are a variety of extra features and options that can make them even more helpful in emergencies. At DDI Safety we’ve made sure we only sell high-quality, easy-to-maintain Heartsine and Lifepak Defibrillators.

A lady is confused when looking at defibrillators

2. Pad placement On adults, generally you should place one pad slightly below the collar bone on the persons right chest and one pad on the person’s left side below the arm pit. This is an ideal position for the shock to run through the heart. Of course, in the stress of an emergency it could be hard to remember the right place, so defibrillators have handy reminder images of the right locations.

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