Am I legally required to have a Defibrillator at my Workplace?

While Australia doesn’t have laws that force us to purchase Defibrillators, in many states and situations we are legally bound to consider purchasing an AED. Consider a few examples:

QLD’s code of practice: Defibrillators. “you should consider whether other first aid equipment is necessary to treat the injuries or illnesses that could occur as a result of a hazard at your workplace.”

NSW’s code of practice: You should consider providing an AED if there is a risk to workers at your workplace from electrocution, if there would be a delay in ambulance services arriving at the workplace, or where there are large numbers of members of the public.

What has moved some of our customers to purchase AED’s? Some have employees who have a family history of sudden cardiac arrest and have purchased an AED to lower risk of a fatal accident. Others have staff that work on sites where ambulance times are longer than normal due to a remote location. In many cases, purchasing an AED could reduce your liability.

Even if you are not legally required to get one, it is well worth it. Such a small yearly cost to your business could mean save a life.

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