The Heartsine 300P Reaches End of Life.

Back in June 2021, Heartsine announced their 300P automated external defibrillator (AED) model would stop receiving support and repairs.

This means replacing aging 300P units should become a priority to avoid operational gaps down the road. But why retire this staple AED still helping save lives daily? And what features come with upgrading to the new 500P series? Let’s dig in.

Why the Heartsine 300P Got Discontinued

After over a decade of reliable service, sourcing replacement parts and batteries for the 300P became difficult. While still working fine at the moment, the inability to offer repairs in the future risks units failing when an emergency strikes.

Heartsine is now focusing resources on their newer lines such as the 360p and 500p rather than prolonging 300P viability. It might seem a shame to retire a great AED but their are benefits, this allows optimizing their newest generation device.

Introducing the Heartsine 500P’s Cutting Edge Features

The 500P brings the acclaimed simple “Push Button Go” operation of the 300P legacy into the 2020s with enhanced technology:

  • CPR guidance provides real-time feedback on compression depth, recoil and rate, almost like having a professional coach guide your technique. This delivers highest quality CPR.
  • .Clear voice prompts and text screen
  • 8-year warranty

While hard to upgrade from such a trusted stalwart, moving to the 500P ensures continuously reliable technology. The intuitive CPR guidance in particular aids rescuers in those crucial early moments.Stay Protected by Upgrading SoonCheck your current AED’s model and age. For any 300P units still in service, develop a transition plan over the next 18 months. Avoid potential operational gaps by upgrading older AEDs to newly enhanced options like the 500P. Keep response readiness robust by future-proofing with the latest supported devices.

Heartsine 500p Defibrillator Bundle


Why choose the Heartsine 500p Defibrillator? ✓ Reader Technology ✓ Semi-Automatic Defibrillator ✓ 8 Year Warranty ✓ 4 Year Battery and Pad Shelf Life The PAD500P is a high-quality Defibrillator from Heartsine.  This model comes with CPR reader technology that tells you how to improve your CPR. It lets you know if you can “push…

SKU: PAD-500P—CC-25—CA-PK2—CA-20—CA-07


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