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AED Signage

A defibrillator is a crucial piece of equipment in any public place. It can mean the difference between life and death, and it’s crucial that it’s easily accessible in case of an emergency. So don’t leave it stuck in a cupboard, don’t lose track of it. Keep your defibrillator easily visible with our Australian Resuscitation Council Approved Signage.

What are some options to consider? If you are keeping your defibrillator in a busy hallway, you’ll want it to stand out. We have a 3d sign that sticks out in busy areas.

You also have options of traditional AED signs, and a great range of stickers. It’s super helpful if you carry a defibrillator in a vehicle on a remote worksite to have an AED in vehicle sticker.

Another great piece of signage we have is a basic life support wall chart. Y0u might only do a first aid course, so this wall chart serves as a constant reminder to staff and helps them keep ready and prepared for an emergency.

Have any questions about signage? feel free to email us at or call anytime on 1300 115 193.