an image of st john defibrillator and a heartsine 500p

Understanding the St John Defibrillator: Features, Costs, and Alternatives

an image of st john defibrillator and a heartsine 500p

Please note, St John Defibrillator and DDI Safety prices listed were correct as of 27/09/2023

When embarking on the quest to find the right Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for your needs, it’s essential to be equipped with all the facts. The market is flooded with options, and among the prominent names is the St John defibrillator. St John are a trusted brand in Australia. How do their defibrillators stack up? Allow me to walk you through its features, effectiveness, and costs to determine if it truly meets your needs.

Meet the St. John Defibrillator:

St John themselves do not produce defibrillators. They rebrand defibrillator models produced by Cardiac Science, one of the many companies that are a subsidiary of ZOLL. That means that they are reliable defibrillators with the backing of a big company- a name synonymous with medical excellence

Its Prowess in Lifesaving:

What features does this AED have? What’s delightful about this AED is the familiar Aussie-accented voice prompts that can be oddly comforting in tense situations. It’s always great to have a local flavour when saving a life.

Their defibrillators can make a huge difference in cardiac emergencies, they are user friendly and guide you through the process of saving a life. The G5 model contains a CPR reader feature that tells you how your CPR is going and when you need to push faster, harder or slower.

Let’s Talk Dollars and Cents:

While the St. John defibrillator is undoubtedly high on reliability and effectiveness, its upkeep can make a dent in your wallet over time.

  • St. John’s G5 Defibrillator:
    • Battery: The Intellisense Lithium Battery will set you back by $495.
    • Pads: Replacement Pads come at an additional $250.

When combined, the maintenance for the St. John defibrillator will cost you around $745.

Let’s compare the St John Defibrillator to some other industry leaders

  • HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P: Here’s a noteworthy alternative. Priced at $1,980, the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P offers a maintenance friendly affordable combined battery and pad system, not to mention a built-in CPR reader akin to the G5.
    • Maintenance: The combined battery and pad cost is just $300, ensuring you’re not frequently reaching for your wallet.
  • ZOLL AED PLUS Defibrillator: Hailing from the same lineage as the St. John defibrillator’s manufacturer, this AED, priced at $2,295, offers stellar reliability. It, too, boasts a CPR reader like the G5, ensuring optimum assistance during emergencies.
    • Battery: Maintenance is more budget-friendly at $99
    • Pads: $250 for replacement pads with inbuilt CPR reader.

Winding Up:

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Choosing an AED isn’t just about the initial sticker price. The long haul is where costs like maintenance can surprise you. While the St. John defibrillator is a powerhouse in performance and life-saving capabilities, its long-term financial commitment can be steep for some.

Comparing it with devices like the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P and the ZOLL AED 3 Fully Automatic can offer a fresh perspective. Not only are their upfront costs often lower, but their maintenance costs also present a compelling case for consideration. Remember, an AED is an investment, not just in technology, but in the promise of a saved life. Need help choosing a defibrillator. Use our selector tool to find the right defib for you.

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