CPRinsight- What is it?


CPRinsight is a new technology used in defibrillators. It’s an amazing feature and can save lives, but what is it? In this article, we’ll talk about what CPRinsight is and why it’s important. We’ll also go over the different models that have this technology integrated into their devices.

What is CPRinsight?

CPRinsight is an exciting new feature in portable defibrillators. When using an AED, you often you need to pause giving CPR while the defibrillator detects analyses whether a persons heart can be shocked or not. CPRinsight can sense a heart rhythm while CPR is being given. This feature reduces or eliminates time you need to pause while a defibrillator is analysing.

Why is CPRinsight Important

We’ve all seen those television shows where a person has been in cardiac arrest and is brought back to life by a group of people working together. Often the hero of the story is revived, but in real life there is a less than 10 percent chance a person will survive.

CPR insight technology will help increase the odds! Data reveals that higher hands on CPR time and shorter pre/post-shock pauses are associated with increases in rates of survival. Data also demonstrated the longest compression pause, for any reason, was associated with decreased survival. This translates into more lives saved thanks to CPRinsight technology!

What models have CPRinsight

CPRinsight is available in two different models: the Lifepak CR2 Essential Model, and the Lifepak CR2 Wifi.

These defibrillators are full of even more features. They have child mode, which at the push of a button puts a defibrillator in a mode thats suitable for children.
The WIFI model will send out alerts via email/text message about the emergency so managers and staff members know when defibrillators are used and require maintenance.

CPR insight technology is an amazing defibrillator feature!

CPR insight technology is an amazing defibrillator feature! The CPR insight technology helps you to spend more time giving CPR, and less time waiting for analysis. In conclusion, CPRinsight is an amazing technology that can save lives. Patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest can have better odds than before. Using it can give you a better chance at saving someone’s life.

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