Are Defibrillator Batteries Rechargeable?

You might wonder, are the batteries in our Defibrillators rechargeable? Certain Defibrillators used by paramedics and medical professionals have rechargeable batteries. However, Defibrillators used in the general public generally do not have rechargeable batteries?

Why not?

A key reason is low maintenance. Most of our Defibrillator batteries have a 4-year lifespan. Non-rechargeable defibrillator batteries only need to be changed once every 4 years, or after the Defibrillator has been used. This low-maintenance design makes it easier to ensure that your Defibrillator is ready to use in an emergency.

We know that finding the right Defibrillator can be challenging, so we’ve made a helpful tool to help you find the right one. Just answer a few simple questions and we can find the Defibrillator to suit you. We also have this handy Defib FAQ that helps answer all your defibrillator-related questions.

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Why is the Heartsine 500p Defibrillator great for you?

✓ Reader Technology
✓ Semi-Automatic Defibrillator
✓ 8 Year Warranty
• Optional Extra: Child Pads
• Optional Extra: Wifi Connectivity

The PAD500P is a high-quality Defibrillator from Heartsine.  This model comes with CPR reader technology that tells you how your CPR is going. It lets you know if you can “push harder” or “push faster.” Studies have found that 70% of doctors could improve their CPR quality, so this technology will be invaluable in helping save lives.

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