Can you Rent a Defibrillator? Should you buy one instead?

When it comes to securing a defibrillator for your home, workplace, or event, you might be wondering can you rent a defibrillator or is buying the better choice?

While renting a defibrillator can seem like a convenient short-term solution, there are several compelling reasons why purchasing your own device might be the smarter long-term investment.

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The Costs of Renting a Defibrillator:

At first glance, renting a defibrillator might appear to be an affordable option. Companies like Defibshop offer rental packages starting at around $350 for a month. It can range from $7.50-$33 per day depending on length of rental. Similarly, Epirbhire provides defibrillator rentals at a rate of approximately $185 per week.

However, it’s essential to consider the cumulative costs of renting over an extended period. For example, if you were to rent a defibrillator for a full year, you could end up spending thousands. That’s alot more than purchasing a defibrillator.

The Long-Term Value of Buying a Defibrillator:

Now, let’s compare the rental costs to the investment of purchasing your own defibrillator. At DDI Safety, we offer the Heartsine 360P defibrillator for just $1,489. This top-of-the-line device comes with an impressive 8-year warranty, giving you peace of mind and long-term protection.

To put this into perspective, if you were to spread the upfront cost of the Heartsine 360P over its 8-year warranty period, it would amount to just $186 per year – that’s less than $16 per month! When you compare this to the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you could spend on rentals each year, the value of buying becomes crystal clear.

But the benefits of owning your own defibrillator go beyond just cost savings. When you have a device readily available at all times, you’re better prepared to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest emergency at a moment’s notice. You won’t need to worry about rental periods expiring or coordinating device pick-ups and returns. Your defibrillator will be there when you need it most.

Making the Right Choice for Your Needs:

Of course, there may be situations where renting a defibrillator makes sense, such as for short-term events or temporary locations.

However, for the vast majority of homes, workplaces, and organizations, investing in a high-quality defibrillator like the Heartsine 360P is the smartest choice in the long run.

Not only will you save money compared to renting, but you’ll also have the assurance of knowing that your device is always ready and available. Plus, with an 8-year warranty, you can trust that your investment is protected for years to come.


When it comes to securing a defibrillator, the choice between renting and buying ultimately depends on your unique needs and circumstances. However, for most people, purchasing a reliable and cost-effective device like the Heartsine 360P is the wisest decision.

By investing in your own defibrillator, you’re not only saving money in the long run but also ensuring that you’re prepared to save a life at any moment. And with DDI Safety’s commitment to providing top-quality devices and resources, you can make this lifesaving purchase with confidence.

So don’t wait – explore our defibrillator options today and take a proactive step towards protecting your loved ones, colleagues, and community. Because when sudden cardiac arrest strikes, having a defibrillator nearby is not just a smart investment – it’s a priceless one.

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