CARDIACT Alarmed Outdoor AED Cabinet with Heavy Duty Code Lock

$495.00 including GST

Need to keep your defibrillator in an outdoor area? This IP-rated cabinet will keep your safety investment protected.

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In an emergency, you want your AED to be easy to locate and access. However, you may have concerns about this lifesaving investment being stolen.  CARDIACT’s CC-60 Alarmed Outdoor AED Cabinet with heavy duty code lock is here to help. It has a heavy duty code lock to deter would-be thieves. It is alarmed, not only for protection, but to alert all in the vicinity of an emergency.

It’s also designed with extra protection in mind. Waterproof sealing restricts moisture and protects from rust when stored in a wet or salty environment. 9v Battery Powered Alarm, no mains input required