Defibtech Lifeline Automatic Defibrillator Package


Save lives with this military tough Defibrillator! With its 7 year battery life you’ll save lives and save big on maintenance costs.

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Why choose the Defibtech Lifeline Auto?

✓ Class leading 7 Year Battery Life
✓ 8 Year Warranty
✓ Simple and easy to use
✓ Automatic Defibrillator

This simple to use Defibrillator is bringing military tough defibrillators to the masses at an amazing price! With a class leading 7 year battery, you will not only save lives, but save money with it’s exceptional lifespan.

This package includes:

  • Defibrillator, Pad’s and 7 Year Battery
  • Prep Kit
  • Tough Portable Bag
  • User Manual