Which Defibrillator is best?

There are so many Defibrillators (or AED’s) out there. To the untrained eye, it can be hard to see the difference between them all and figure out which is best for your workplace.

We’ve written this article to help. We also have a Defibrillator Selector tool. Just answer a few questions out and it will recommend which is best for you.:

Let’s help you get better acquainted with our Defibrillators:

Heartsine 500p

One of our favourite AED’s is the Heartsine 500p. The reason we love recommending it is that it has Reader Technology. Good quality CPR can be the difference between someone living or dying. Most of us have never had real CPR experience, and when adrenaline kicks in, could find it a challenge to give quality CPR. In fact, even medical professionals find giving effective CPR a challenge with one study finding that 70 percent of professionals could give better CPR.

The Heartsine 500p has technology that will tell you when to push harder or push faster. It helps ensure that CPR is the best it can be.

Resuscitating Children?

Is it likely that you will have to use an AED on children under 8 or who weigh less than 25kgs? For many primary schools and child care centers it is.

Lifepak CR2 and CR2 essential Defibrillators have an inbuilt child mode that delivers a lighter shock for children. Heartsine Defibrillators don’t have an inbuilt child mode, but they do have an optional paediatric-pad-pak. This can easily be inserted into our Heartsine Defibrillator models. It has smaller pads that are easy to place on children, and delivers an age appropriate shock.

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Why is the Heartsine 500p Defibrillator great for you?

✓ Reader Technology
✓ Semi-Automatic Defibrillator
✓ 8 Year Warranty
• Optional Extra: Child Pads
• Optional Extra: Wifi Connectivity

The PAD500P is a high-quality Defibrillator from Heartsine.  This model comes with CPR reader technology that tells you how your CPR is going. It lets you know if you can “push harder” or “push faster.” Studies have found that 70% of doctors could improve their CPR quality, so this technology will be invaluable in helping save lives.

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Hey there fellow Defibrillator afficiando! I'm Jack, a first aid trainer based in beautiful Penrith, NSW at the foot of the Blue Mountains. I love helping take complicated subjects and making them easy and understandable. When I'm not first aiding, you can find me birding and listening to jangle pop.

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