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Embrace the pinnacle of life-saving technology with the ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic defibrillator. This cutting-edge device seamlessly integrates state-of-the-art features with easy-to-use functionality, ensuring you’re always prepared for cardiac emergencies.

The ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic is equipped with Real CPR Help® technology, providing real-time feedback to guide you through effective CPR. It informs you if your compressions are deep enough and at the right rate, instilling confidence in your life-saving actions.

Taking user-friendliness to the next level, the ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic features a large touch screen display. This screen presents vivid rescue images, offering clear guidance every step of the way. It’s like having a professional instructor by your side during high-stress situations.

This defibrillator does not discriminate with age or size. It comes with universal adult/paediatric electrodes, ensuring you’re equipped to handle emergencies for any victim. With a long-lasting 5-year shelf life, the ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic stays rescue-ready for years.

Speed is of the essence in cardiac emergencies, and the ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic delivers just that with its unique RapidShock™ Analysis feature. By enabling faster rhythm analysis, it minimizes the time from stopping CPR to delivering a shock, increasing survival odds.

Powering this robust device is the reliable Smart Battery Pack, ensuring constant power when it’s most needed. Backed by an impressive 8-year warranty, this defibrillator promises to be a long-term, dependable asset.

For the digitally inclined, this smart defibrillator is WiFi-enabled, offering easy connectivity to the PlusTrac™ cloud. You can review and upload rescue data effortlessly, helping you stay prepared and informed at all times.

In summary, the ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic defibrillator is not just a device, it’s your reliable partner in cardiac emergencies. Its intuitive interface, high-tech features, and accessibility make it a preferred choice for everyone, from trained professionals to community responders. Learn more about this life-saving innovation on our DDI Safety website. Choose the ZOLL AED 3™ Fully Automatic, where simplicity meets efficiency in saving lives. Because in a cardiac emergency, every second counts.

Bundle Includes

  • Defibrillator
  • Prep Kit
  • Cabinet/Rack of your choice
  • AED Wall Chart
  • AED Signage

Scientific Efficacy

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Standard Cabinet CC-25, Alarmed Cabinet CC-50, Lockable Weatherproof Wall Cabinet CC-60, Outdoor Cabinet CC-90, Heavy Duty Case CW-10, Wall Bracket CA-BR1

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ZOLL AED 3 Fully Automatic Bundle
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